Dr. Julie McCown

I am an Assistant Professor of English, Early American Literature at Southern Utah University. I specialize in early American literature, animal studies, ecocriticism, natural history and science studies, and digital humanities and media theory. My current research focuses on animal materiality in early American natural history texts.


New and Notable

UT Arlington Story Julie McCown Jupiter Hammon

While working on a project in a graduate course taught by Dr. Cedrick May in Fall 2011, I discovered a previously unknown and unpublished poem by Jupiter Hammon. Together with Dr. May, we visited Yale University’s Manuscripts and Archives to see the poem in person and begin authenticating it.

Julie McCown SUU American Nature

This website is the product of an independent study in Spring 2013. I designed and built the website from scratch using HTML and CSS. The aim of this website is to promote an increased knowledge of how race and the environment are interrelated in early American literary texts.

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